Link to Wish Application

What's Next?


Applicants start here:

1. Click the link above and fill out this short application.

On this application, you will get the chance to ask for the gift you are requesting.

Ideas of what to ask for:

Anything you miss having and have been unable to replace since the fire.  It can be anything that will bring you happiness.  Perhaps a musical instrument, book, special boots, hobbies or something you need.  Everyone who has been affected by the Camp Fire can apply, even if you have a place to live and your necessities replaced.  This is a Wish, something extra and beloved, it does not have to be a Need.


2. Please have your FEMA number or other documents that will prove that you have been affected by the Camp Fire .


3. Be as specific as possible when making your request.

 Things to consider:  

Make this as easy as possible

for your Wish Giver!

  • Brands                          

  • Sizes

  • Color

  • Where the item can be purchased

  • Provide a link to the item to help your wish granter.  Make it as simple as possible!  Without specific info, donors will stay away from your WISH in fear of not getting the right item.

  • Providing your first choice and a back-up color/s or brand/s is also helpful.  For example: if your preferred wrestling shoes are not available in your size is there another brand or color that you also like?

  • Please tell us if you have moved so we can ship it to you and do not have to pay to have it shipped twice!


  1. After filling out the survey the results are electronically recorded.

  2. Your gift and information will be put on a list along with other gift requests. (All personal information is kept confidential)

  3. Donors are able to access the full list of gifts. From there they submit a request for the gift they would like to purchase. 

  4. When we get a notification that your gift is being granted you will be notified. 

  5. We will send you a pickup email, phone call or text from Kristina Carter when your gift is at the drop off center (First Christian Church, Chico). Please bring an I.D or some form of identification when picking up your gift. If you are not 12-21 years of age you will not be granted the wish.

  6. You will be expected to complete a Thank You note upon pick-up.

  7. We value our community and the individuals that make it up.  Your happiness is our happiness, enjoy your gift!

You must be between 12-21 years old to apply.

Proof of age required upon pick up

Wish is on break with the rest of world! Stay safe and stay at home.

Wishes will be delivered to your home Easter week.

We are no longer taking new WISHes