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Our Mission & Goal:

Replacing the Irreplaceable


Our goal is to inspire & support happiness after the Camp Fire.  We care about the happiness and resilience of youth 12-21 years of age.  


This is a project of the Chico Area Interfaith Council with the support of students in the course Public Health Administration (PHHA 360) Spring '19, California State University, Chico  The program officially opens in Fall '19 but we are doing a pilot/soft roll-out during the summer of 2019.


Our mission is to link youth aged 12-21, to donors who want to replace a beloved item lost in the Camp Fire. 

•Each youth can wish for three items per year;      no matter the cost.  

Youth should know this is a wish and we will do our best to make it come true, but there are no timelines or promises.  


Donors will be able to fulfill a specific wish to a

specific youth.  The donor will give something that truly matters to that particular youth!  

What about little ones?  We would love to help all ages but we are starting with the youth.  Once we work out all the kinks and find a active donor pool, we hope to include other age groups in WISH.

Camp Fire


Working to Inspire & Support Happiness

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